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Lab Pup Ready to Roll and Play!

 RockyEstherLab Pup

 Esther, a choc female bred with Rocky our yellow male, and produced nice healthy pups.  Only one yellow male is available yet.  He is AKC registered, and has had 3 vaccinations,several dewormings and a microchip.  The price is $1075.   He is ready for his new home now.

Golden Retriever litter Born Jan 19-all spoken for but speak for the next litter

FlameCheyanneGolden Retriever pupsGolden Retriever pups

We have a litter from Flame and Cheyanne born Jan 19.  The price is $1275.  The pups are AKC registered and OFA hip and elbow certified, and like we usually do we sell with the first vaccination, several dewormings, and a microchip. She did not have a very big litter so unfortunately not everyone got a pup this time around.  But we have a few Goldens that should be having pups later on in in later spring or early summer. So feel free to get you deposit in for the next litter.

Cream Golden Retriever Pups-Sorry Sold Out

ClaudiaFlameGolden Retriever pups

Golden Retriever pupsGolden Retriever pupsGolden Retriever pup

Our male Flame bred with Claudia and Oct 18 Claudia had 11 pups; 4 females and 7 males.  Claudia and Flame are both OFA and of course AKC registered.  The price is $1275 so get your deposit of $200 in as soon as you can to reserve a pup.  We sell with the first vaccination, several dewormings, and a microchip.  These pups will be ready soon after Thanksgiving. 

Golden Retriever Pups ready by Thanksgiving-these are sold

FlameGolden RetrieverGolden Retriever pupsGolden Retriever pups

Golden Retriever pupGolden Retriever pupGolden Retriever pups

Flame; our Golden Male bred with Harmony a light female and she had 12 pups Oct 8th. The pups should be ready to go to their new homes by Thanksgiving or even a little sooner.  The price is $1275.  We sell with the first shot, a worming or 2 and a microchip.  These parents are of course AKC registered. We are taking deposits now.  The deposit is $200 which goes towards the purchase price. . 

Cream Colored Golden Retriever Pup Born July 5

Polar BearShawnteiGolden Retriever Male pupGolden Retriever pup

 Our Light Polar Bear bred with Shawntei; another light female.  These pups were born July 5 and ready for new homes now. We have one male pup left.   He is AKC registered,  and has his vaccinations, several wormings and a microchip.  This pup we have left has something unusual about one eye.  The one eye is a little larger than the other.  So he is at a discounted price of $850.  He is a very active happy puppy.  Call or email for more details.

Chocolate Lab Pups

TikiBoLab pupLab pup


Tiki and Bo had pups on June 20.  These two have produced some very nice chocolate pups before.  Price is $1075. These parents are AKC and OFA.  Bo has been an avid hunter in his day. This pup has had several vaccinations, several wormings and a microchip. We have one nice male that isn’t spoken for. Click on the little thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

Yellow Lab Pups

CougarSapphireLab pupLab pup


June 6 we had a litter from 2 yellows; Cougar and Sapphire.  The price is $1075.00 per pup. We sell with the first vaccination, a worming or 2, and a microchip.  These are of course AKC registered.  There is one male not spoken for.  He is pictured in the last two pictures. 

Lab Pups Have Arrived


Lab pupLab pupLab pupLab pup


Our yellow female Belle bred with our chocolate male Bo.  On April 27 seven black pups were born; 4 males and 3 females. These pups are AKC, and both parents are OFA certified.  The price is $975.  If you want to reserve a pup we ask for a $200 deposit which goes towards the purchase price.  These pups will be ready for their new homes mid June.  We sell with the first shots, a worming or 2 and a microchip. We have one male left that is not spoken for.