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Retired Golden Retriever

Retired Dogs….

Retired Golden Retriever , Retired Labrador Retriever

Are you interested in a Retired Golden Retriever, or a retired Labrador Retriever,  one that is retired from the breeding program, but still has a lot of love to give?  Let us know if that interests you and we will explore some possiblilities together.  We have one big requirement that the dog would retire in comfort!

Thornton's Winchester (Winnie)Winchester or Winnie as I like to call him is retired from breeding now and is neutered.  He is a 5 year old yellow lab male.  He is an avid ball player. (he likes that better than breeding!) He is strong and husky.  He doesn’t need a lot of other ‘dog friends’ to make him happy.  He would be happy to just be your only dog so he gets all the attention!  His price is $825.