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More new Golden Retriever pups born Feb 23

WyandottePolar BearHiawathaKodiac King

Golden Retriever pupGolden Retriever pup


Wyandotte who is a daughter of Hiawatha and Kodiac had a small litter with Polar Bear.  One male and 4 females born Feb 23. These parents and grandparents are all AKC and also OFA hip and elbow certified.  The price of these pups is $1800 with the champion lines behind them.  We sell with a microchip and first vaccination and several dewormings. We have one female available.

A more darker litter of Goldens for those looking for darker….

DinahMoses Golden Retriever pup Golden Retriever pup   

 Feb 24 Dinah and Moses had a nice darker litter of 8 pups; 3 females and 5 males.  This will be your chance for a darker pup if you like darker! There are not so many dark pups around anymore! These parents are AKC registered.  The price is $1500.  We sell with a microchip, the first vaccinations and several dewormings.  They are ready for their new homes.  We have 1 male available.

Golden Retriever Litter born on President’s Day

ShawnteiRemingtonHiawathaKodiac King

Shawntei's male pupGolden Retriever pupsGolden Retriever pups

Shawntei and Remington honored us on President’s Day with a small litter of Goldens that are starting out very good sized!  We have 3 females and one male.  These will be gorgeous pups as take a look at Shawntei’s parents; Kodiac and Hiawatha. All of the above dogs are of course AKC registered.  We will sell for $1800 which includes a microchip and the first vaccination and several dewormings.  Kodiac is out of a Gold Rush champion so these have some awesome bloodlines.

Golden Retriever Litter Born Dec 7


Lulu's lime green maleLulu's lime green male


Lulu and Moses produced a litter of pups born Dec 7. They are both AKC registered. The pups are ready for their new homes now. Lulu is out of a light line so there are some light cream colored pups. Frosty and Flame are her parents. The price is $1500. We sell with the first vaccination, a microchip and several dewormings. We have 1 male left in this litter. He has had his 2nd vaccination.

Lab pup Born Nov 27; one special Good looking pup!


Our 2 chocolates; Coco and Quinter have one very very nice female chocolate pup born Nov 27.  There were 2 other pups born but they didn’t survive.  This one pup is choice….getting fat and roly poly!  These parents are AKC certified.  We sell with a microchip, and first vaccination, and several dewormings. The price is $1300.

Golden Retriever Pups ready for Christmas: Born Nov 4-same day as my new granddaughter!

BerettaRemingtonBeretta's females; Lime Green and purpleBeretta's lime green and purple collar females

Beretta's males; black collar and blue collarBeretta's males; black and blue collars


Beretta bred with Remington and she had her pups Nov 4, so the pups are ready for Christmas.  The deposit is $200 which goes towards the purchase price of $1500. These pups are now spoken for. (More pups coming!) We sell with the first vaccination, a microchip and several dewormings. Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Beretta is out of Princess and Flame…two of our older dogs.  Remington is a new cream colored male out of European descent. They are both AKC registered.

Golden Retriever Litter Arrived Nov 23-Ready to go home soon


Noelle’s females
Noelle’s females
Noelle’s red and blue collar male pups
Noelle’s black and aqua collars male pups
Noelle’s green collar male pup
Noelle and Moses had a nice litter Nov 23. There are 5 females and 5 males. These dogs are both AKC registered.  We are taking deposits of $200 which goes towards the purchase price of $1500.  We sell with the first vaccination, a microchip and several dewormings.  These pups will be available to go home soon after the New Year.  Noelle is out of our light Polar Bear and our darker Rusti so there is a variety of coat colors. 

Golden Retriever Pups ; Just a few!


ZoeyIthacaZoey's pink collar femaleZoey's purple collar female

Zoey (and Ithaca) produced a small litter Sept 14. Only 2 females. We were sure hoping for more. Same price of $1500 and we sell with the first vaccination, a microchip and several dewormings.  Zoey is out of Harmony and Flame, and Ithaca is out of Kodiac and Hiawatha.  Some of you may remember them.  .

Black Lab Male Pup born May 19

RockyBetsy by the flowersBetsy's black Male


May 19 Betsy our chocolate female with Rocky our yellow male produced a nice litter.  The price is $1300. These parents are AKC registered and both OFA hip and elbow certified.   These pups are ready to go home now.  We did not get any yellows but look in next litter!  We sell these with the 3rd vaccination, a microchip and several dewormings.   There is a very nice black male for sale!!