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Hey Sharon,

My husband and I got our Golden Tucker from you almost two
years ago now (born October 2016)! I just wanted to let you
know he’s one of the best dogs we’ve had, and absolutely
He recently became a registered therapy dog, which is
unusual for 1.5 years old and speaks to his breeding!

Your dogs are amazing and I always recommend you to anyone
looking for a loveable family Golden or Lab!

Thank you,

Mallory Shannon

JAX-A Golden Retriever

JaxWe purchased our boy, Jax, almost a year ago. We love him dearly as I am sure he loves us. We had 2 Golden’s prior to Jax and wouldn’t have any other breed. We wanted a healthy dog and a dog from a reputable breeder. We asked around and did some research and found Sharon. She worked with us so we could get a male from a litter that our last golden had some ancestry genes ties. Jax is perfect and so is Chirrachua Golden Retrievers. 

Friday the Golden

1.93 million views on Instagram! She is an internet star!!
Also, Good Morning America reached out asking if they could use it

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ST Magnus Brooks

Hi Sharon! We can’t tell you how pleased we are with saint magnus brooks
The vet is so impressed with how healthy and happy he is. His training is amazing. He sits,lays, stays. Whines when he needs to go out. Was potty trained in a few weeks. he is loving and happy…likes to dig.. lol. Just wanted to thank you again. Has the color of rainbow but will look like daddy polar bear. 

St Magnus BrooksSt Magnus 2



 Hi Sharon,

I thought I’d send my latest pic of Cody. I think you should put it on your web site. I think you’d get lots of customers looking for a handsome lad like him. I get tons of compliments on him.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Milo-Golden Retriever

We got our boy Milo early December from Sharon. Transaction was smooth, and they have a couple of options for acquiring the puppy. We fell in love with Milo on Day 1. He was so calm and patient considering he was only 8weeks. He is so smart, it only took a week or two to have him potty and crate trained. Also very independent. He is a very happy boy and we are very, very happy to have him. He is still growing to be a big boy, almost 65lbs now at 7.5mos. He is very sweet with all dogs, adult and kids, he is also a great swimmer! Thank you, Sharon, for entrusting us with one of your puppies. Definitely will recommend to anyone looking for a Golden Retriever!  
Best regards, 
Erika DeMartini